Digital Positions

CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow, Digital Scholarship Center, 2016-2018

Jennifer is currently working in the Digital Scholarship Center (DSC) at Temple University. As a Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) Postdoctoral Fellow, she works with the DSC’s Digital Scholars Program, Graduate Student Externships, and Faculty Fellowships to facilitate the use of digital tools and methods in faculty and student research. With an interest in 3D modeling and 3D printing, Jennifer has also contributed to a 3D printing chapter of the CLIR Libraries and Pedagogy report and is collaborating with the Center for the Advancement of Teaching on a workshop and grant to encourage the use of makerspace resources in the classroom.

Scholars’ Lab Makerspace Technologist, 2015-2016

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Jennifer assists faculty and graduate students at the University of Virginia with digital research and pedagogy projects. Her own digital research project, Preserving, Reconstructing, and Teaching in 3D, explores classroom applications for photogrammetry and 3D printing. This project developed from her summer research in Iceland and incorporates the model and 3D print of a medieval sculpture from Hítardalur, Iceland.

In 2016, Jennifer’s experimentation with 3D printed historical artifacts was featured by  UVA Today and CBC Radio in Canada. Jennifer’s work with professors and pedagogy was also featured by EdSurge.

Scholars’ Lab Praxis Program, 2014-2015

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Jennifer was the Project Manager for Praxis Program’s Ivanhoe, a gateway for textual play. This WordPress theme encourages collaborative and reflective interpretation of shared texts. Jennifer’s blog post “Can Ivanhoe facilitate playful learning both in and out of the classrom?” was selected by Digital Humanities Now as the Editor’s Choice.